Revolutionize Premium Hospitality through the Implementation of Automated AP and AR Solutions.

Optimize efficiency and decrease expenses by consolidating your payables and receivables in a single system. Enhance your managerial oversight by integrating our solutions with your current platform.

Optimize Time and Monetary Resources through AP automation.

Using distinct systems to handle vendor payments can be time-consuming. Additionally, relying on physical checks and their cutting, mailing, and tracking can drain time and finances.

Elevate your cash flow and strengthen vendor relationships by consolidating, digitizing, and modernizing your systems with Kapcharge's comprehensive payment platform.

Optimize your customer experience and streamline your receivables.

Secure prompt payments and minimize downtime due to manual paperwork by digitizing your receivables. Our system is seamlessly integrated into your current property management platform, enabling effortless management and tracking of each payment received within a user-friendly interface.

  • Payments through ACH, EFT, Iterac e-Transfer, credit cards, and debit cards.

  • Secure and compliant payments web portal.

  • Real-time and complete reporting.

Explore the Manifold Advantages of Kapcharge.

Traditional payment systems are often tedious and can adversely affect your earnings. Transitioning to an integrated and centralized solution empowers you to digitize costly payment processes, attain improved command and transparency over your funds, and generate significant savings.

Check fees can be expensive, and manually inputting and processing checks can be prone to errors and time-consuming. Abolish paper usage, decrease transaction fees by making digital payments to vendors, and offer business clients the flexibility to pay through their preferred methods.
Refill your account by employing an e-Wallet to pay vendors. Enhance rebates and expedite the payment process to satisfy your vendors and business operations smoothly.
Providing payment convenience can be simple and inexpensive. Accelerate revenue generation and enhance on-time payments by delivering a hassle-free, all-inclusive payment experience across channels.

By leveraging the expertise of our payment specialists, our hospitality clients have been able to streamline their vendor payment processes and achieve substantial cost reductions. This, in turn, has facilitated significant savings and spurred the company's growth.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business and Industry

Each company has its unique traits. Our payment specialists deliver bespoke guidance and continuous assistance to help you leverage the best payment solutions that suit your business.

Continues Customer Support

Whenever you need help with any aspect of our program, our dependable payment customer support team is readily available to provide the necessary assistance you require.

  • Our team of payment experts oversees a range of transactions and operations, including deposits, chargebacks, risk mitigation, and billing.
  • Our communication team can support you in crafting, publishing, and circulating customized messages to your desired audience.
  • Our payment specialists can provide simplified compliance guidance to help you adhere to regulations.

Experience Faster and More Secure Payments!

Digital payment technology is constantly advancing, and Kapcharge has the resources and knowledge to keep you ahead of the curve. Count on Kapcharge to simplify your payments and handle platform integrations, resulting in enhanced cash flow, streamlined internal processes, and heightened satisfaction among your vendors and customers.